Our Story



Founded in late 2018 by seasoned bitcoin miners Jonathan Muller and Anthony Myers, has fast become Germany’s go-to destination for all things cryptocurrency mining. Thinking of TMK MINERS solely as a crypto mining vendor however, radically underminds what we have to offer.

Indeed, on top of selling GPU, ASIC, and FPGA mining rigs to cryptocurrency mining enthusiasts, TMK MINERS offers a wealth of pre and post-point-of-sale services. Whether it’s to do with rig customization, configuration queries, maintenance advice, or expansion planning, TMK MINERS is able to handhold customers along every stage of their cryptocurrency mining journey. TMK MINERS is also home to Germany’s fastest growing cryptocurrency community.


More than just Mining

Beyond cryptocurrency mining-specific services, TMK MINERS also offers educational trading packages and Miner hosting. You can check our facilities page to see our mining farms

TMK MINERS is guided by four principles: Quality Products, Customer Satisfaction, Friendly, Active & Supportive Customer Service and Expert Market Research.  Is TMK MINERS Legit

As TMK MINERS grows we are determined to uphold our four principles and continue to achieve excellence.


Why own a mining rig and what does it do?

A mining rig is a very powerful computer that solves cryptic transactions and in return gets paid a fee for the transaction it solves. Our mining rigs are user friendly and are built with a “plug and play” policy. This means that we do all the hardware, software and coding for you, all you need to do is plug it in, turn it on and let it mine into your wallet.

By owning a mining rig you will open yourself up to a passive source of income that requires minimal maintenance. Get in touch with us for further information.

Why doesn’t everyone own a Rig already?

There has been a common misconception since the birth of cryptocurrency, that mining is only profitable on an industrial scale or in countries with minimal power costs. TMK MINERS has exploited this common misconception and has allowed many  consumers to take advantage of the market.

If you are interested in finding out how profitable these Rigs can be, feel free to CONTACT US

What else can TMK MINERS do for you?

TMK MINERS believes in maintaining ongoing customer relationships. Our support does not end at point of sale. We provide ongoing support and general advice to our clients to ensure their Rigs operate at full potential.


Building a Rig for you is where our service starts. After you have entered this new world of cryptocurrency mining, TMK MINERS will continue to educate you and help you optimize your investment. Whether you want to keep engaged via our community or want to take it to the next level and learn to trade, TMK MINERS always aims to satisfy your curiosity.