How To Buy Bitcoin Online

How To Buy Bitcoin Online
How To Buy Bitcoin Online

Figuring out how to buy Bitcoin online or using the Bitcoin ATM is usually a difficult process for cryptocurrency Newbies. There are two ways to buy bitcoin safely.
-Buy Bitcoin with bitcoin ATM
-Buy Bitcoin with Cryptocurrency Exchange ( How To Buy Bitcoin Online)
With this TMK MINERS guide, you will learn how to buy Bitcoin quick and safely.

Buying Bitcoin With A Cryptocurrency Exchange

1. Choose a Cryptocurrency Exchange
There are many crypto exchanges out there at the moment, but as a “crypto newbie”, you’ll want to go for one that has low transaction fees and very high security. We advise you use well known crypto exchanges like COINBASE, ETORO, BINANCE if you don’t already have an exchange in mind.

Always make sure whatever exchange you choose has a Bitcoin wallet built into its platform; if not, you will need to find one of your own. You can also contact us for any advise on choosing a crypto exchange

2. Choose Payment Option
After choosing an exchange, you have to fund your account before you can begin buying Bitcoin. Depending on the exchange, you can fund your account through bank transfers from a checking or savings account, PayPal, wire transfer, a cryptocurrency wallet or even a credit or debit card.
Keep in mind, though, that platforms may charge higher transaction fees for certain funding options.

3. Receiving Bitcoin
Once your account is funded, choose the amount you want, and if your cryptoexchange does not have a wallet, you can imput the wallet address of the wallet you are using. Some crypto exchanges send the bitcoins instantly, others will take a little longer.

How To Buy  Bitcoin With A Bitcoin ATM

Using a bitcoin ATM requires the following steps:

1. Create a cryptocurrency wallet. Before you use a bitcoin ATM, you will need a wallet in which to deposit the bitcoin that you buy. Those assets live on the blockchain, but the crypto wallet tracks your balance and lets you access your cryptocurrency with an alphanumeric key. Those wallets can be web-based or can be hardware devices.

2. Prepare the wallet. Make a note of the alphanumeric code for your wallet, or download a QR code to allow for faster access.

3. Find a bitcoin ATM. There are many guides, such as this one , to help you locate nearby bitcoin ATMs. Many work like maps, in which you simply imput your ZIP code to have access to a list of addresses where you can find a bitcoin ATMs and the company that operates the bitcoin ATM.

4. Create an account. To use a bitcoin ATM, create an account with the ATM operator. This process will require you to enter some personal information.

5. Enter your wallet information. At the ATM you will follow a prompt to indicate your wallet – via QR code or alphanumeric key.

6. Insert cash. When you physically deposit cash, the bitcoin ATM operator transfers that into bitcoin or the other forms of crypto you requested. If you insert 2000 USD, for example, you’ll receive 2000 USD of bitcoin at its current market value, minus the ATM provider’s transaction fee. Some ATMs also charge a miner’s fee, which they deduct from the deposit amount.

7. Confirm the purchase. This is your last chance to review and confirm your purchase and what fees you’re paying, before making the transaction

Buying Bitcoin can definitely be difficult at first. However, with the help of TMK MINERS, you’ll at least know how to buy bitcoin, the basics of choosing the right Bitcoin wallet for storing your funds, using the most popular sites for buying Bitcoin, and withdrawing purchased Bitcoin to a wallet