bitcoin mining rig for sale

Best Place To Buy Bitcoin Mining Rig For Sale

Bitcoin mining rig for sale

– How to Buy Bitcoin Miners on TMK MINERS ?

-New product information, release and or restock dates will be sent out via our email newsletter first and then announced on our social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

-Hardware will be added to the site at the date and time we set with an estimated ship date.

Actual ship date may be before or after estimated date by 5-7 days.

If that will not work for you, please refrain from ordering.

– Orders are ONLY handled through the site


– The “shortlist” isn’t a booking rundown to save your digger or spot in line. While applying for the stand by show you are basically on a rundown to get immediate warnings for when the stock is refreshed on the site for that specific product. 

When a request is dropped or installment time terminates, it will naturally add stock back to the site and will tell individuals on the shortlist. On the off chance that you visit the site and it shows unavailable subsequent to getting warning then they have effectively sold out, you might pursue the shortlist once more. How to Buy Bitcoin Miners

– Payment methods accepted Are BTC, LTC, BCH and Bank Transfer.
– Once the request is effective it will show “Processing” until order is shipped.
– Shipping details and tracking number will be emailed to you soon as info is available 

– Please don’t make any payments without placing an order thinking it will assure your order.  If we do receive funds with no order, we will have to process a refund with any transaction fees being deducted. Thank You

-Any inquiries or concerns in regards to an order must sent through our Contact Us page.